Las Vegas Escorts Jessica


Everyone has heard the saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. With all of the amazing escorts and fun to be had, it is easy to see why you should never kiss and tell after spending the weekend in Vegas. Speaking of Vegas escorts, you really have not had the true Sin City experience until you have had an amazing adventure with a hot escort Las Vegas on your arm.

I Want What You Want

Don't feel like clubbing or partying on the town? Feel like doing something more touristy? Let's check out the Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas! I know the wildlife on the strip is very colorful, but here we can enjoy a flock (actually called a flamboyance) of Chilean flamingos at this complimentary exhibit, which also features an array of swans, ducks, koi fish, and turtles who live among the the awesome foliage and waterfall backdrops. The habitat is located next to the pool area and is open to guests and non-guests alike. Let's check it out and then go for a swim. I'm easy, tell me what you are like and I'll be up for it!

WHo I Am...

My name's Jessica and believe me, I have heard every single Gregg Allman joke that there is to hear. Try your best to make me laugh. I have an infectious giggle and my companions love my company. I'm the perfect girl for the fun loving gentlemen out there who are looking to take their trip to a new level. 

After all, Las Vegas just isn't the same without me. I offer an intimate experience to all of my companions. When you spend time with me, I put your needs first. What happens with me is always going to stay with me. That is my ironclad promise to you and I intend to keep it.